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ZZ Diesel: Dodge 1994 1998 5 9l Cummins Cummins Lift Pump Replacements

An upgraded diesel lift pump is just about required once you begin pushing the power levels of your Cummins truck past the factory standard. ZZ Diesel provides high-quality Cummins lift pump replacements for those drivers who are looking to get the most out of their 1994-1998 Cummins diesel truck. In this collection you’ll find customer favorites like the 12v Cummins lift pump. Find lift pumps of every strength, from stock lift pumps to super extreme lift pumps.

Get your Cummins lift pump replacements from ZZ Diesel for an unbeatable selection. When you come to ZZ Diesel, you’re only getting the best.

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BD1050854 Thumbnail
Price $2,900.00 - $5,250.00