6 inch lift

The Truck Life

As all owners of pickup trucks know, having a truck isn't just about transportation between home and work. Owning a truck - the right truck - is about a lifestyle. Country artists sing about them. Tree huggers complain about them. But when it comes down to it, your truck is an expression of yourself.


Modifying a truck is an important part of your self expression. Do you drive diesel or gasoline? (p.s. diesel is the second largest fuel used in California behind gasoline.) Are you getting a 6 inch lift or keeping it unlifted? What type of diesel truck turbo upgrades are you looking for? What about a diesel fuel additive? Whatever you decide to do with your truck, make sure you go for the quality touches that make it yours.

Benefits of a Lift

All romantic talk about trucks aside, let's talk some practical reasons for having modifications made to your pickup. One of the most common modifications is the 6 inch lift. The 6 inch lift, of course, makes your truck appear bigger as it stands taller on the streets, however, there are some other benefits too.


Road Visibility: Now we aren't just talking about your truck being more visible (and impressive) on the road. Having a 6 inch lift will help give the driver a better view of the surrounding traffic, which is especially helpful in 5 O'clock traffic.


More Tire Options for Improved Performance: Most vehicle owners are constrained on the choice of tires by what will fit under their trucks. Getting a 6 inch lift will let you select larger tires that have far better control on the road, during snow, and of course off roading too.


Assistance with Towing: Let's face it, a part of you got a truck because you love helping people out. Not in the sense that you are always the one to go help people move their furniture, but rather helping people move their stuck cars. Having a lift on your truck will make it easier for you to tow cars out of stuck situations. Additionally, your truck will be less likely to bottom out.


In the end, appearance really does matter. It doesn't matter if some people say contrary. You want your truck to look good. Getting a 6 inch lift gets it just one step closer to your dream pickup.

Body Lift vs Suspension Lift

There are two types of lifts you can have done on your truck, each come with their own pros and cons. Body lifts and suspension lifts.

Body Lift: These lift kits are specifically made to not change the quality of how a truck drives. New shocks are not required for a body lift because the shocks are not touched during the process. This is a great lift for daily driving because you give your tires a little more clearance while maintaining excellent suspension for driveability.


One of the disadvantages of a body lift, is that it is much more time consuming and labor intensive. It also makes the frame of the truck more visible which can look tacky if the lift isn't done well. This can be overcome by adding gap guards on the frame, keeping the truck looking classy after the lift.


Suspension Lift: Body lifts are limited to 3 inches. A suspension lift can take the truck as high as you would like - within reason of course. This is where the 6 inch lift or higher lifts come in. In addition to allowing even larger tires to be placed on the truck, a suspension lift also makes the suspension more articulate.


There are some disadvantages though. It can be quite annoying to climb in and out of a truck that is lifted too high, especially for the vertically challenged. If your wife or girlfriend is very short, you might think its cute the first few times she struggles to get into the truck and you have to help her. After six months though, neither of you will be laughing anymore. This type of lift also comes with routine maintenance and can potentially void manufacturer warranties on your truck.