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2001-2016 GM 6.6L DURAMAX

Add a set of Carrillo Pistons in your 2001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax engine build. After years of rigorous testing and R&D, CP-Carrillo has developed a Duramax Piston set that is built to last! CP-Carrillo Diesel Pistons are forged from 2618 material with tapered pin bosses for increased strength and to match Carrillo Connecting Rods. All pistons are hard anodized to withstand extreme heat and provide additional scuff resistance. Pistons come standard with a 1/16 or 2mm coated top ring, 2.0mm seconds, high tension 3.0mm 2 piece oil ring, steel 5115 pins, .082 Kramm Lox and have radius oversized valve reliefs for increased valve lift.

Built To Last Manufactured from 2618 T-61 alloy for structural support and durability, these pistons come completely hard Anodized to withstand turbocharging, supercharging and nitrous.

Drop-In Ready CP-Carrillos Duramax pistons are ready to drop in to an engine, and should improve horsepower and durability out of the box and will be available on the shelf.

Technical Elements Pistons features include a tapered pin boss to fit factory and aftermarket rods, .070 deep valve reliefs, radius bowl shape, 2mm steel gas nitride top ring, 2mm second ring, and 3mm 2 piece oil ring and Heavy duty .285 wall cold extruded chromoly wrist pins. Pistons are available in std , .020, .040 overbore in both 15 and 16 to 1 compression ratios. After a year and a half of R&D the pistons have been torture tested and withstood 1800+ Hp at the tires.

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    Product Options:
  • D7000 | 4.055 | 1.946 | 15:1 Comp
  • D7001 | 4.055 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp
  • D7010 | 4.075 | 1.936 | 15:1 Comp
  • D7011 | 4.075 | 1.936 | 16:1 Comp
  • D7020 | 4.075 | 1.946 | 15:1 Comp
  • D7021 | 4.075 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp
  • D7022 | 4.095 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp
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