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Part Number: FW-LEDHLK


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Integrated Fans, Shockproof. Durable performance design. Non-drilling, Easy Installation. Waterproof.


    Color: 6500K White

    LED Type: COB

    Actual Lumen: 8000 Lumen

    Working Voltage: DC 9 - 32 V

    Input Current : 2.6A±0.2A

    Beam Angle: 360°

    Material Heat Dissipation: Aviation Aluminum 6063

    LED Chip: CSP/ COB Chip

    Advantages compared to Halogen & HID bulbs:

    Fast ON/OFF, NO "warm up"

    Energy Saving, much less power consumption

    NO UV Radiation. NO disturbing Interference.

    No Ballast, safe for driving

  • Efficient thermal resistance 2.5

  • Excellent lighting effect and reliability.

  • New generation LED product which is based on Cree carborundum technology.

  • Efficient heat dissipation, Enhances lighting efficiency.

  • Perfect design bulb for replacing dull yellowish stock halogen bulb and upgrading headlight!

  • Maximized 360° beam angle, enhanced 30% of effective range compared to halogen lamp

  • Waterproof level: IP65

  • Dissipating heat high efficiency

  • Joints: Waterproof joints for stable and high performance, plug & play

  • Drivers: Internal constant current CPU, over-heated protection

  • User Manual included, easy to install

    All in one high efficient heat dissipation aviation aluminum:

    Material Heat Dissipation: Aviation Aluminum 6063

    Large heat dissipation with fan

    Easy Installation, plug and play

    Package Includes:
  • 2 x LED Lights

  • 1 x Manual

    How To Install:

    Find out the original halogen bulb position.

    Take out the halogen bulb.

    Put the LED lamp in and switch it to the Fixed Position tightly.

    Connect the original power line, finish installation.


    9008 - H13

    9145 - H10

    9003 - HB2 - H4

    9012 - HB4 - 9006

    5202 - H16

    HB3 - 9005

    HB1 - 9004

    HB5 - 9007

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