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Spek instruments are all electric and microprocessor controlled. The Wide-Angle Dial design creates a 15% larger viewing are on a 2 1/16 gauge. This is accomplished by adding a shoulder at the faceplate to create a 60mm dial. The faceplate illumination is programmable to one of seven colors to blend in with original manufacturer's gauges. A stepper motor is supplied for the accurate pointer readingof a 280-degree sweep and control of returning the pointer to zero when power is removed. Gauges are programmed through water resistant stainless steel sealed command keys located on the faceplate. No control boxes or hand-held remote control needed. Peak playback value can be retrieved, high and low alert levels set,and programmable output signal activated. Spek gauges come with a plug receptacle for connecting the sender wiring harnesses. This plug and play technology significantly decreases installation time. The Spek performance gauges are designed to improve monitoring, display and control of precision engines to meet customer expectations and surpass industry standards.
    Part Number Key:
    BCB - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel
    BCC - Black face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel
    BSB - Black face Plate, Smoke Lens, Black Bezel
    SCB - Silver face plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel
    SCC - Silver face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel
    WCB - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Black Bezel
    WCC - White face Plate, Clear Lens, Chrome Bezel
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