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Swamps Diesel Heavy Duty Rebuilt 58V Fuel Injection Control Module

Part Number: SW_58V_FICM


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Swamps 58v Fuel Injection Control Module units come pre-programmed with the latest factory Ford programming. These units are fully tested (on a test bench, actually sending signals to 8 fuel injectors), with a 30 amp load, and are ready to install & drive away. No reprogramming by Ford is required.

The higher output voltage of our 58v FICM forces the fuel injector to open more quickly, which allows the fuel injector to flow slightly more fuel than the lower/stock voltage unit. The quicker action of the fuel injector also slightly advances the injection timing. The results with the 58v FICM is that the truck will pick up an additional 40rwhp; even with the standard Ford programming. 

The 58v FICM is compatible with any brand of tuner on the market. The common programmers on the market (such as Edge, Superchips, SCT, Bullydog, etc) are actually recalibrating the ECM, not the FICM. You do not need to have them uninstalled or reprogrammed with the addition of our 58v FICM. Each FICM built is shipped with a "data sheet" showing the voltage & signaling output test results, before & after our repair &/or modification.

PHP FICM Tuning: All PHP tuning utilizes the latest inductive heating strategies strategies for improved cold temperature startups and operation. With 4 power levels to chose from (Economy, Atlas 40, Atlas 80, and Hercules) PHP programs complement any ECM tuning, whether it is stock or modified.  

Economy: Most users see fuel economy gains as well as improved tip-in throttle response and better overall drivability from, idle up to through 3500 RPM. We also eliminate that annoying injector post buzz. 
Atlas 40: Gains of 40hp can be expected along with greater off-idle throttle response and slightly improved fuel economy over most stock FICM software versions
Atlas 80: Gains of 80hp can be expected with this flash as well as moderately increased fueling strategies, which greatly improve bottom end acceleration and throttle response throughout the powerband.  
Hercules 100: Gains of 100hp have been recorded on the dyno with a slightly modified vehicle. With aggressive fueling rates and crisp throttle response, this software flash is the right choice if you are looking to squeeze every least hp out of your 6.0L.


• 58V Upgrade FICM
• Pre-Programmed 
• Fully Tested 
• Bolt-In Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the advantages of the 58v vs. the 48v FICM?
A: Better starting. Since 99% of 6.0L injector problems are associated with the spool valve, the higher voltage of
the 58v FICM can minimize intermittent injector firings (misfires), by creating a stronger
magnetic PULL on the spool valve. The 58v FICM also moves the spool more quickly
(mechanically), which slightly advances the mechanical injection timing…which is beneficial to
both performance and fuel economy.

Q: Do I need to do anything else if I purchase a 58v FICM?
A: No. Any fuel injector will operate properly with a 58v FICM.

Q: Are there any reliability issues with the 58v FICM?
A: No, we have kept extensive records, regarding our FICM warranty rate…and there is not an
appreciable difference in warranty issues, related to either voltage. Our overall FICM warranty
rates are well under 1% failure. Any FICM we ship will have a one year warranty, though we
fully expect much longer (than OEM) life expectancy, from either of our FICM models.

Note On Cores:

Swamps will only accept a FICM if it meets the following guidelines, No external case/connector damage. No Water/coolant contamination, etc. Sending a core that has been soldered on will void a full core credit. 

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