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ZZ DIESEL SCT Livewire TS Competition Programmer 2011-2014 6.7L Powerstroke WITH SOTF TUNING

Part Number: 5015-6711-SOTF


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    Now with Switch On-The-Fly (SOTF) technology, you can easily switch between Performance and Towing tunes while driving! No need to re-program your trucks computer when getting ready to tow, just simply select the Tow power level and go!

    Power Levels:

Level 1 (Modified Stock)
  • +0 hp and +0 ft-lbs

  • Level 2 (Tow)
  • 390 rwhp and 780 ft-lbs

  • Level 3 (Street)
  • 440 rwhp and 880 ft-lbs

  • Level 4 (Hot Street)
  • 480 rwhp and 960 ft-lbs

  • Level 5 (Race)
  • 530 rwhp and 1060 ft-lbs

    • Note: All DPF-Removed tuning products are STRICTLY FOR RACE USE ONLY.

      Tuning Features:
    • Increased horsepower
    • Increased torque

    • Increased throttle response

    • Increased fuel economy

      SCT Livewire TS+ Features:
    • Full Color 4" Touch Screen Display

    • Rear View Camera Input

    • Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tunes

    • Stores Up To 10 Custom Tunes

    • High Speed Data Loggin - Monitoring

    • Built-In Performance Calculator

    • Read & Clear DTC Trouble Codes

    • Improved User Interface For Easier Navigation

    • User Adjustable Themes & Tune Options

    • Built-In Wifi For Easy Wireless Updates

    • Rear Exit Cable Connection For Easier, Cleaner Device Mounting

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