REV-X DISG1601 Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive For All Diesel Engines - 16 oz. Bottle




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A safe and easy alternative to replace the missing lubricants caused by desulfurization of ULSD Diesel. WIll not damage DPF

Keep your diesel-powered vehicles and equipment running trouble free with Rev-X DISG0801 Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive. Today's ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel lacks the necessary lubrication diesel engines need, causing problems such as poor idle, lack of power, hard starts, and excessive white smoke. Rev-X Distance+ Gold remedies this by providing over 4 times the recommended lubrication, keeping your diesel fuel system in peak performing condition and reducing wear. Another added benefit to Distance+ Gold is a maximum of a 12-point increase in cetane, resulting in increased power and performance while the cleaning additives keeps your fuel system and fuel injectors clean for efficient, long-lasting, operation. Rev-X Distance+ Gold Fuel Additive is the all-in-one answer to poor diesel fuel quality that will maximize performance, fuel economy, and lubrication!

  • Improves Cold Start Issues
  • Increase Water Dispersion
  • Store Fuel Up To 12 Months
  • Significant Increase In Detergent & Lubricant
  • Maximum 12-Point Cetane Boost