1.5" 100psi Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

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1.5" 100psi Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

This high quality 1.5" liquid filled pressure gauge is the same one we provide with our Regulated Return fuel system kits. It has a center/rear 1/8" Male NPT nipple and can be used for Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure or any other pressure within the 100psi range.IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING FUEL PRESSURE GAUGES: Due to continuing issues with locating a 1.5" Liquid Filled 100psi pressure gauge that will survive continuous installation in the high temperature and vibration environment of a diesel engine compartment, we are making the following recommendations:
  • Because we feel it is vital to know what the fuel pressure is doing on modified diesel engines while under driving conditions, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the use of an ELECTRIC IN-CAB Fuel Pressure Gauge like those available from AutoMeter (and most other gauge manufacturers). This is the only way to monitor fuel pressure and be aware if there are any pressure/flow problems while under load...when it's the most critical.
  • If you can't afford or don't want to do an in-cab electric fuel pressure gauge, we are recommending that the underhood gauge only be used for the initial setting of the system fuel pressure, occasional pressure checks or for limited time installation if you are diagnosing a problem. The diesel engine compartment environment is just too harsh for reliable long-term operation of mechanical gauges like this one.