High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan, 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML

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Keep Included Fumoto Drain Valve
Standard Drain Plug

High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan

For 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML

The Duramax engine is one of the best engines on the market but they are faced with one vital issue, the oil pan. The stock oil pan keeps up to 0.5 Quarts of dirty left over oil in the system, even after you change your oil it stays dirty! The "hump" that is in the factory oil pan is the reason for this issue, the DmaxStore High Capacity oil pan holds 1 quart more of fluid and will allow you to completely drain the oil from your truck on each and every oil change. We started designing this from the ground up figuring out the real problems that no other competitors address. The pan is made from cast aluminum and has 13 cooling fins located along the side of the pan to keep the oil temperatures down. The oversized Fumoto Oil Drain valve allows for quicker and cleaner oil changes, this valve is 65% bigger than the standard Fumoto valve that is available for stock and other aftermarket pans. The high quality black powdercoat finish will keep this oil pan looking good for years to come. Comes with all new hardware, zinc plated M6 allen bolts for the pan, brass plugs for optional temperature port and an Oversized Fumoto drain valve. This simple bolt on upgrade will keep you Duramax running efficiently and keep contaminants out of your oil.

Flat bottom for complete oil drainage
Cast aluminum construction with cooling fins for better heat dissipation
Black powdercoat finish
Oversized Fumoto drain valve for quick and clean oil changes
Port for additional oil temperature sensor
3/8" port for turbo drain back provision so you do not have to drill and tap the upper pan


1 x Cast Aluminum Oil Pan
1 x Oversized Fumoto Drain Valve
17 x Zinc Plated M6 Pan Bolts
1 x 1/8" Brass NPT Plug
1 x 3/8" Brass NPT Plug

The Fumoto drain valve is a great concept but has one drawback when installed on the factory oil pan, it takes too long to drain. We wanted to have the functionality of the Fumoto valve in this new oil pan so we made the drain 65% larger to allow for the oil to drain out much faster while maintaining a quick and clean oil change.

The Stamped steel factory oil pan leaves something to be desired, with terrible heat dissipating properties and the left over oil that gets stuck in the valley of the pan. The Stock pan leaves almost a half of a quart of dirty used oil while the DmaxStore oil pan allows for all of the oil to be drained at every oil change. The DmaxStore Oil Pan also has 13 cooling fins on it to allow for much improved heat dissipation over the factory oil pan.