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Quadzilla ADR0102 Adrenaline Kit with Control Pod, 2001, 2002 Dodge Ram 5.9L CumminsReplaces

Install the Quadzilla ADR0102 Adrenaline with Control Pod and gain massive horsepower in your 2001-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. With a combination of injection timing, boost control, CAN Bus fueling and Direct VP44 fueling control this module can give your truck up to 180 rwhp and 420 ft lbs. of torque.

The Quadzilla Adrenaline can provide superior fueling curves by monitoring RPM, Throttle Position, Boost, and Load % all at once. Having the high processing power of a 32-bit processor, this module surpasses the competition. The Adrenaline uses 4 axis tuning maps to ensure you have power whenever you need it. 

Engine Economy
Max Mileage tuning in the Adrenaline gives you the options of increasing performance while also saving fuel mileage. With the simple push of a button, you can switch between having greater fuel economy or pushing massive horsepower to race down the track.

Engine Protection
The Guardian de-fueling software uses high-speed processing capabilities to control your EGT’s without sacrificing power. The Quadzilla Adrenaline enables you to maintain safe EGTs and continue to make tons of power. 

The TurboGuard cooldown feature allows the oil to continue to lubricate the engine and turbo while it is cooling off. This feature can be set for time or can be EGT based. With the TurboGuard the truck stays running even after turning the truck off and removing the key from the ignition. Allowing your engine and turbo to cool down before shutting it off is helpful for engine performance.

The PowerIdle feature is a smart feature that knows when raise idle to allow for stable engine temperature and proper engine lubrication during long idle times. This is also a beneficial component for vehicles that demand extra electrical power to run accessories, or for cold mornings when you need your truck to warm up quickly and maintain engine temperature while idling.

+180 RWHP & 420 Ft-Lbs. 
Control Pod Digital Display 
11 On-The-Fly Power Levels 
Built-In EGT, Boost & Trans Temp Gauges 
Built-In Turbo Timer & Guardian De-Fueling Software
Not available for sale in the state of California Not available for sale in the state of California. Click here to read Emissions Notice.

2001 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins
2002 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins