Schaeffers 0139A-042 Soyshield Diesel Fuel Additive, Pint, Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke

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Schaeffers 0139A-042 Soyshield Diesel Fuel Additive, Pint

For Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke

Mileage improvement 
Horsepower improvement 
Cetane improvement 
Emission improvement 
Fuel lubricity improvement 
Injector cleanliness - exceeds Cummins L10
Corrosion inhibitor - exceeds Cummins N14
Moisture control 
Fuel lubricity improvement 
Lowers cold filter plugging point

Combustion temperatures reach 2000º F, burning off any oil that might reach the
compression ring. SoyShield provides a film of lubrication to the compression ring, the upper cylinder, valve seats and guide, reducing wear and extending engine life.
Compression is increased as a film of oil is left on the compression ring. This in turn increases horsepower, saves fuel and reduces soot in the oil. SoyShield Premium Diesel burns more completely. This means MPG improves 5-7% in newer engines, and as much as 12% in older equipment.

The formation of different types of acidic components from the combustion of fuels is
your engine’s silent enemy. During combustion, acids are produced that can be harmful to your engine. Today’s new EGR engines recirculate up to 25% of their exhaust gas back into the engine, resulting in even more acids and soot. Acid produced during combustion corrodes cylinder liners, piston rings, exhaust valves and engine bearings.
SoyShield does what its name implies. It shields your engine from the effects of acid.

SoyShield’s gentle solvent action keeps injectors free from deposits, gum and varnish that cause inefficient operation. When the government regulations for the Clean Air Act mandated the removal of sulfur from diesel fuel, it also removed lubricity from the fuel. SoyShield not only restores the lost lubricity, but adds more lubricity - up to 30% more!

While SoyShield alone will not kill bacteria, it disperses water and removes the source
of bacterial growth. (For initial kill, use #285 Fuel Shock.) Injectors can clog in less than 32,000 miles. SoyShield maintains a good spray pattern after 172,000 miles. If diesel fuel does not contain an effective detergent (and most don’t contain any), varnish and carbon deposits can build up on injectors. Clogged injectors can rob you of as much as 25% of your power and performance. Smoking is reduced two ways. First, SoyShield
breaks up fuel molecules so that fuel burns cleanly and completely; second, it keeps engine parts free of deposits that causes inefficient, smoky operation.